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The Power of Delegation

There are a lot of variances in people’s minds when they stop and think about delegation. Some people view delegation as directives “coming from the top down,” while others view it as a situation where they’re waiting to be told what to do. When presented with clarity, delegation can be a great way to handle problems and quickly make decisions. Businesses that can delegate effectively will still notice freedom and opportunities throughout the rest of their business.

Make a decision that works for all

The significant part about delegating is that there is a process that can work well for everyone. Find a way to communicate decisions and actions in a way that motivates and inspires everyone to join in on the efforts. Once a decision or choice is made in confidence, it can be a great morale and confidence booster to all. 

Understand that not all delegation is viewed as positive

Being a manager means that there will be times that delegation for tasks or ideas doesn’t always go over the best. It’s times such as these to remember to hear what your employees are saying and feeling. Find a way to move forward together in a positive manner.

Roadblocks in business happen, but it’s how managers overcome to move forward in how companies find a way to sink or swim during difficult times.

Recognize the different levels of delegation

There are different levels of delegation that can happen in the workplace. The sooner that members of management recognize this, the easier those obstacles or issues will be able to be overcome. 

The ten levels of delegation to be aware of are:

  • 100% instruction on how to move forward 
  • No recommendations made based on the request
  • The decision made is a shared process
  • Everyone involved agrees with the process
  • A reasonable analysis of the delegation listing out the pros and cons
  • Making a choice and letting the manager know, and then wait for their approval
  • Choose a path and then plan unless you hear otherwise from management
  • Decide and take action and let management know the outcome
  • Make a choice and roll with it – no check-in needed

As you can see, each level of delegation allows more and more delegated freedom to choose and be confident in the outcome. The final level of delegation is the highest level of freedom where people can select the course of their actions and decisions and trust in their decision-making process, knowing that they have the support of management and the company behind them. 

Delegate with clarity

View the power of delegation as much more than just passing work down to others. When you understand that delegation can be a great way to boost morale and build trust, it can also help employees feel valued in their work. This simple process can help with productivity and so much more in the workplace. 

It’s also just as important to keep in mind that some tasks shouldn’t be delegated to others, and as a manager or business owner, it’s essential to know the difference. Knowing that the irreversible decisions are for upper management to handle and not be handed off to someone else is a vital key detail. 

As a business leader in your company or organization, create a trust with your employees that show that their input is valuable to you. Delegation can be a great way to have employees participate in various aspects of the company, which will showcase just how much they mean.

Use delegation as a way to strengthen the company and your employees. It’s 100% possible to achieve both.