Executive and Career Coaching

Executive and Career Coaching


Are you a high achieving individual, leader or entrepreneur looking to reach the next level of success?

Investing in ourselves is one of our cornerstones to success. Through an increased level of performance, productivity and decreased stress our clients have reached their goals and are ultimately more satisfied and fulfilled.

Increased Performance

Do you want to elevate your performance to consistently deliver and decrease stress? Here is what you can expect:

  • A proven process that helps you identify strengths, areas for development and your current mindset
  • Define your peak performance along with a success path to get there with confidence, clarity, and sustained performance
  • Identify how to consistently recharge and reduce stress so that you can embark on a marathon to peak performance and productivity, not a sprint

Leadership Excellence

Is it time for you to elevate your leadership? Here is what you can expect:

  • A clear understanding of where you are currently thriving and where you would like to be
  • Your personalized roadmap to being a more effective, inclusive leader who leads a high performing team that delivers results
  • Learn about key leadership skills such as effective communication, executive presence, resilience, empowerment, decision-making etc.

Career Accelerator Program

Have you reached the top at your current level and are looking to reach the next or maybe enter a new industry? Here is what you can expect:

  • Understanding your current areas of strengths and how they can be leveraged
  • A strategic plan on how to get to your desired goals in a higher position or different industry
  • Finding the right fit for you – what job and company is in alignment so that you can thrive
  • Support with resume and actionable steps so that you consistently keep moving forward

Women in Male Dominated Industries

Are you a woman in a male dominated industry such as Tech, Aviation and others? Thriving in an environment like that, can be challenging but here is the right program for you:

  • A program that allows you to define what makes YOU unique
  • Building the confidence to continue moving forward even when it seems impossible
  • Learn key leadership skills along with how to effectively influence, politely assert yourself, communicating effectively and building a thriving internal and external network and executive presence

Executive Reinvention

You are already at a VP or C-Level and are noticing that what got you here won’t necessarily get you to the next level. Here is the program that will allow you to do just that:

  • Learning about your Winning Strategy and how it currently helps you but also how it is holding you back in achieving your next level of success
  • A strategic plan that allows you to adjust your current winning strategy, address blind spots and elevate to the next level
  • Leadership Skills such as effective communication, empowerment, resiliency, decision making and strategic planning that will allow you and your organization to thrive
  • A trusted partner and honest feedback 
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